NoctiLumina® Watch Luminizing Kits and Materials

Watch Luminizing Kits and Materials

NoctiLumina® Pigments

A wide variety of NoctiLumina® pigments are available. Our pigments are nontoxic, non-radioactive, and non-acidic. They are dry powders that must be mixed with one of our binders or other materials to produce a paste. All can be applied by hand or silkscreened with mesh sizes selected based on particle sizes. (Use clear silkscreening inks instead of our binders.) The pigments are very stable, with lifetimes conservatively expected to be in excess of 50 years. They are available in quantities as small as 0.5 gram. For pricing details, see our Prices page.

The suffix F designates pigments with a fine particle size centered around 25 or 30 microns. This particle size is similar to the original lume on most watches.

The suffix UF designates an ultrafine particle size centered around 10 microns. The UF pigments are smooth like thick paint when mixed with binder, but do not glow quite as long or as brightly as the F pigments.

We recommend F pigments for almost all uses.

Some Notes About Glow: For best glow, we recommend our G15F. Items luminized with G15F will be visible to a dark-adapted eye for up to 24 hours. We recommend applying pigments over a white base coat for best glow. Some of our pigments emit so strongly that in direct sunlight or outdoor shade they appear to have their glow color rather than their daylight body color.

Natural Pigments: These pigments have the brightest and longest lasting glow. Their daylight color is an off-white greenish yellow, with the blue/aqua glowing varieties having a whiter daylight color than the green glowing ones.

  • Pigment G15F - Fine grain, slight yellow, green glow, up to 24 hours glow time
  • Pigment G15UF - Ultra fine grain, very slight yellow, green glow
  • Pigment B17F - Fine grain, off-white, blue-aqua glow
  • Pigment B17UF - Ultra fine grain, almost white, blue-aqua glow

Color Pigments: It is important to note that these pigments have reduced glow when compared to G15F or B17F.

  • Pigment YG51F - Neon yellow, green glow
  • Pigment GG70F - Neon green, green glow
  • Pigment GG16F - Green, green glow
  • Pigment PG18F - Pink, yellow-green glow
  • Pigment OG19F - Orange, green glow
  • Pigment OG84F - Orange, yellow glow, fine
  • Pigment BB22F - Bright blue, blue-aqua glow
  • Pigment WG23F - White, green glow
  • Pigment WB24F - White, blue-aqua glow
  • Pigment YG21F - Yellow, green glow
  • Pigment BG25F - Bright blue, green glow
  • Pigment AG40F - Aged mustard, green glow
  • Pigment AG44F - Dark aged mustard, green glow
  • Pigment TG45F - Tan, green glow

Aged Non-Glow AN Series Pigments (fine texture, 25 microns):
(Also available in coarse texture, 50 microns)

  • Pigment AN98F - Extra dark old tritium color, no glow
  • Pigment AN99F - Very dark old tritium color, no glow
  • Pigment AN100F - Dark old tritium color, no glow
  • Pigment AN101F - Medium old tritium color, no glow
  • Pigment AN102F - Light old tritium color, no glow
  • Pigment AN103F - Very light old tritium color, no glow
  • Pigment AN104F - Extra light old tritium color, no glow
  • Pigment AN105F - Pure white, no glow
Noctilumina AN Series Pigments

Speciality Pigments:

  • Pigment W0 - White, no glow, smooth texture (Use for basecoats)
  • Pigment N0 - Black, no glow, smooth texture (Use with binder to make black paint and for creating gray lume)
  • Pigment AN105F - Pure white, no glow, fine texture 25 microns

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